This blog is dedicated to anybody who isn’t ignorant and wants to listen to objective reporting, and at times, ignorance. We will be covering the New York Knicks frequently, and some of the shitty teams in their division whenever we feel. If their is a novel story in the day’s news, we might even take it upon ourselves to cover that and give you our take on it. We pretty much do whatever we want. So shut up. Please post comments. We love to argue, yell, scream, break things, and most of all, talk about sports. We are currently trying to do a bi-weekly podcast to keep all of our readers engaged as often as possible. We know most of you teens and young adults are lazy nowadays, so the least you can do it sit on your couch and read some truth to arrive at your own conclusions instead of being subjected government issued textbooks and corporate websites that feed you sick lies and propaganda. Let’s get this underway.